Dreams and what they are

Dreams and what they are

Sleeping is a different experience for everyone. Some always remember what the dream was about, some don’t remember anything, or someone might be a combination of both. Regardless, once in a while you ought to be curious about why and what is the meaning of your dream. Whether it’s a fun, scary, exciting, or a sad dream there are many theories and assumptions on what they are. Read along to know the most common three explanation of what you dream is.


girl in front of big bookA lot of people believe that there are greater and hidden message or signs behind dreams. For example seeing someone died in a dream is interpreted to a long life of the person who dies. Dream interpretation can vary according to your culture since every culture has their tales and beliefs. For example is ¿qué significa soñar con arañas negras? Which translates to ‘what does it mean to dream about black spiders?’ can be interpreted to various meanings. People will understand it differently based on which culture are they familiar with. Though not everyone believes in this, it is interesting to know. There must be one or two moments in your life at least where you woke up and wonder if your dream has any meaning.

Random things

huge dogUsually, if your dream is super weird and there is nothing on the internet that can explain it could be just random thoughts and memories that we have. Maybe you are dreaming about a dog that eats sushi while driving a car. So this could be that yesterday you saw a dog, you ate sushi, and a few days ago you were wondering what it feels like to have a car, thus the dog driving dream. Not every dream will be a vivid one, and sometimes it is just silly and strange.

Subconscious thoughts

stressed womanThis last explanation is the most common reason of your nightmares. I have heard a lot of people that have had this experience. Sometimes when you stress about something whether it’s worrying about your work, scared of a certain outcome in your life or a personal matter you have been avoiding, if you stress about it too much it will haunt you in your dreams. For example, an employee that fell asleep or sleep without finishing his or her job might have a dream related to not completing the task. Or a student that is dreaming about failing her grades in school. When this kind of dream happens, acknowledge your stress and find a solution to it so you can have a better sleep quality.