Main Guitar Accessories

Main Guitar Accessories

Once you have purchased your guitar, it’s time to look for guitar accessories that help you play the guitar and maintain your guitar. Here are basic but essential accessories that in my opinion, every guitarist should have.


guitar stringsStrings are the number 1 accessory for your guitar. The strings play an important role in the sound and playability of the guitar, so you have to choose strings carefully.  Outlined here below are three things you should pay attention to when choosing the strings:

Gauge-Gauge is the diameter of the strings. Strings with a heavier gauge (with a larger diameter) require more force and are more difficult to press against the fretboard.

Wounding-The core of the strings can be wrapped in different ways. Round wound strings are the most common, but there are also flat wound strings (with a flatter string surface) and half wound strings (a combination between around wound and flat wound strings).

Material-For different guitars, there are different string materials. Classical guitars use nylon strings. Acoustic guitars with steel strings have more options, such as a bronze winding (the most common string type), phosphor bronze winding and steel and silk strings, where a combination of steel and nylon wire is used to approximate a classical guitar sound.

Guitar Plectrum

A plectrum is a small accessory, but the impact on your playing, the sound, and the feeling is enormous. Plectra are made from many materials and are available in all shapes and sizes.
If you are looking for a plectrum, pay attention to its;

  • Shape -A Plectra are available in different shapes. The most common form is a rounded triangle shape, but you can also play with around pick, an almost square pick or a pick in the shape of a shark tooth.
  • Thickness – Lighter picks from 0.60 mm to 1 mm are used for acoustic guitars and playing rhythms, heavier picks are usually used for solos, although it may differ per guitarist.


A fake guitar is one of the worst things that can happen to you during a live performance, so make sure you always have a tuner with you so that your guitar is always tuned and ready for action.

Guitar Straps

A guitar strap is an important guitar accessory for the guitarist who plays standing. Choose a guitar strap carefully, because your comfort on stage and during rehearsals largely depends on this

guitarist-guitar straps

  • Length – Some guitarists enjoy playing when their guitar is very low, at hip height or even lower Others prefer a somewhat shorter guitar band. the choice made depends on a person’s personal preference and where the guitar feels best for him/her.
  • Width -Like the length, the width also means that some guitarists like a very wide band and others like a very narrow band. It’s all about feeling and comfort.
  • Material – Most popular guitar straps are made from leather, nylon, and polyester.
    Cables-Cables are responsible for transporting the sound from your guitar to the amplifier. Not much can be said about cables, they are usually mono and have connectors of 6.35 mm.


A capo is that tool which allows you to adjust the pitch of the guitar without re-tuning it. You are supposed to place the capo on a ferret of your choice.

Dreams and what they are

Dreams and what they are

Sleeping is a different experience for everyone. Some always remember what the dream was about, some don’t remember anything, or someone might be a combination of both. Regardless, once in a while you ought to be curious about why and what is the meaning of your dream. Whether it’s a fun, scary, exciting, or a sad dream there are many theories and assumptions on what they are. Read along to know the most common three explanation of what you dream is.


girl in front of big bookA lot of people believe that there are greater and hidden message or signs behind dreams. For example seeing someone died in a dream is interpreted to a long life of the person who dies. Dream interpretation can vary according to your culture since every culture has their tales and beliefs. For example is ¿qué significa soñar con arañas negras? Which translates to ‘what does it mean to dream about black spiders?’ can be interpreted to various meanings. People will understand it differently based on which culture are they familiar with. Though not everyone believes in this, it is interesting to know. There must be one or two moments in your life at least where you woke up and wonder if your dream has any meaning.

Random things

huge dogUsually, if your dream is super weird and there is nothing on the internet that can explain it could be just random thoughts and memories that we have. Maybe you are dreaming about a dog that eats sushi while driving a car. So this could be that yesterday you saw a dog, you ate sushi, and a few days ago you were wondering what it feels like to have a car, thus the dog driving dream. Not every dream will be a vivid one, and sometimes it is just silly and strange.

Subconscious thoughts

stressed womanThis last explanation is the most common reason of your nightmares. I have heard a lot of people that have had this experience. Sometimes when you stress about something whether it’s worrying about your work, scared of a certain outcome in your life or a personal matter you have been avoiding, if you stress about it too much it will haunt you in your dreams. For example, an employee that fell asleep or sleep without finishing his or her job might have a dream related to not completing the task. Or a student that is dreaming about failing her grades in school. When this kind of dream happens, acknowledge your stress and find a solution to it so you can have a better sleep quality.

Ways to legally get music

Ways to legally get music

Media piracy is one of the biggest problems authorities deal with. By illegally acquiring copies of creative works such as music, goes a long way in ruining the careers of musicians and even the industry that is built around them. Most people partake in media piracy due to ignorance, especially when they have no idea of how the trade work. In the below sections, we look at some of the legal ways to acquire music without breaking the law.

Getting music the right way

Free streaming sites

Streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo provide a robust environment for the artist towatching youtube on tv monetize their work and still avail the music to you for free. Instead of illegally downloading music, one can just visit this streaming sites and listen to all the music they desire. This also allows the musician to earn from their hard work. With internet connectivity becoming cheap every day, streaming should be the number one way to listen to music.

Subscription based sites

For better deals, you can opt for subscription-based websites such as Spotify. These sites will help you get more premium features such music indexing by album or artist. You can also download the music files for offline viewing and listen. These sites are also useful because they allow the artists to grow their talent and continue producing hits that we will enjoy for the long run

Online music stores

Online music stores just enable you to buy genuine copies of given music. What they do is procure rights or permission from the owners to resell the music on their behalf. The money that you pay goes to pay the artist and run the website, enabling you to access world class services at reasonably affordable prices.

Physical music stores

Just like their online counterparts, physical music stores are perfect for buying music that is stored on a physical storage medium. This is even better as you get a medium that you can keep for longer periods of time. It is also easier to proof ownership given that you get to keep the sale receipt and the original medium. The available medium includes CDs and VCDs for audio and DVDs for videos.

Buy directly from artists

Buying directly from the artist is particularly common with upcoming artists. It is common for this artist to sell their music when they attend events or curtain raise for bigger artists. By directly buying from them, you help them advance their career and make a living out of their talent.