Legit ways to make money online

With lots of scams on the internet, making money online can be a dangerous business. Many people have lost their money investing in scams that promise to give quick returns. This post looks at some of the legit ways to make money online.

Making money online

Affiliate marketingweb

Perhaps the easiest of them all, affiliate marketing is a process by which you advertise someone else’s products, and if they buy that product, you are then awarded a percentage of the total payments. This type of business opportunity is offered by some of the major online shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay, amongst others. Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making thousands can back online money and on beneficiaries.

Forex trading

The title explains it all, but for those who have no idea what forex is, it is the trading of foreign currencies for profit. For instance, you can buy British pounds using American dollars then sell them when the exchange rates are a bit higher. Forex trading requires a lot of experience and might take years to master. Most forex trading websites offer dummy accounts for training, make use of this accounts to learn the trade before investing real money.


Writing has earned itself as a legit online job. There are thousands of clients that require articles for their content platforms. A good writer is always on demand on the internet. Using sites such as writer, you can earn yourself some money by writing articles for requesters. The trade is well established and growing by the day. If you are a prolific writer, take your skills to the next level and start earning from online gigs.


If you happen to be an influential individual with a following online, then yu can make some considerable amount of money blogging. Blogging pays by showcasing adverts alongside your content. The payment method varies, but the most common one are, you get paid per the number of views the ad gets you get paid per each click the ad gets.


Freelancing is a very broad word that cphoneovers all the work you can do online. By freelancing, you can offer your skills via the web and earn some money in return. Whether you are a web designer or eye doctor, there are people that you can help using online platforms. Sites like Craigslist and work offer a robust platform for you to showcase and offer your skills for money.