Everything to Know Before Getting Hair Extension

Getting hair extension is the solution for those with thinning hair and those who want to get long hair in a short period. The application of hair extension is also highly adjustable to the latest hair trends. No wonder if many people get this hair treatment only for experimenting with their appearance.

Nevertheless, there are several aspects that you have to consider first before getting hair extension. Let us explore them below!

Choosing the Right Hair Extension

hair extension bundleTo prevent allergies, choose the right hair extension for your condition. To find out which one is right, the first thing you can do is know the ingredients. In general, hair joints can be made from the following materials:

  1. Natural Hair
    Nowadays hair joints that come from human hair have become a profitable industry. Genuine human hair was chosen because this product is considered the best for beautifying hair. Real hair consists of three parts: an inner layer (medulla), cortex, and cuticle. You can visit my natural hair extensions‘ website to see the products by yourself.
  2. Synthetic Hair
    Another extension hair material that is often used is synthetic fiber. This material is made from a variety of different synthetic fibers and is usually without containing real human hair. Although it has similarities to real human hair, synthetic fibers are considered to be more easily damaged, mainly due to friction and heat. Of course, this depends on the quality of synthetic fibers used as raw materials.
  3. Futura
    Another ingredient that can be used as hair extension is Futura. This synthetic fiber has the advantage of being able to withstand heat up to 200 degrees Celsius. Another advantage is that Futura lasts longer, and even has a longer lifetime than the original human hair. Futura also looks more like human hair because it can be arranged to look wavy or straight, it is frizzy-free, and it has a texture of natural hair.

The disadvantage of the hair extension made from Futura is that it takes longer to set. Besides, this material cannot be colored. As a result, Futura is often sold with a mixture of real human hair

The Risks of Hair Extension

hair extensionCelebrity hairdresser, Cesare Safieh, recommends the Thermo Plastique extension method. It is a relatively softer process that is removable without damaging the hair. Safieh also added that the other methods, especially hair gluing, are less healthy to the hair.

The next suggestion came from Tony Promiscuo, owner of Godiva Salon in Atlanta, America. He suggested using natural hair because synthetic hair cannot be heated, so the hair styling options are limited. If you opt for the synthetic one, you have to avoid using blow dryers and curlers.

Care Tips for Hair Extension

First, if you get hair extension, you have to increase your frequency of salon visits. Professional hairdressers can give you direct advice if there are signs of damage on your hair. Many hair treatment products in quality salons are also friendly to hair extension, unlike the generic shampoos and conditioners you find in supermarkets.

Second, hair extension can get unusually frizzy when you go to sleep. Therefore, it would be better if you tie your hair before you sleep, or you will wake up with a messy hair that what will take hours to style.